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5 Reasons why Barcelona did not win a single cup.

Barcelona's low scoring performance lead the fans in doubt whether they will win against their rival Bayern Munich earlier. Later Bayern Munich won against Barcelona for 8-2, which was the shocking defeat to Catalans in their history. Barcelona Coach "Quique Setien" is been sacked after humiliating loss in quarterfinals of the Champions League. Some mistakes has been analysed from the football pundits.

Formation: 4-3-3 (Attack)

Currently Barcelona is totally depended on Lionel Messi to make a move and contribute the most. Barcelona players like Busquets, De Jong, Jordi Alba, Nelson Semedo and some other players passes the ball to Messi like 8 out of 10 passes and expects him to score or contribute the most. Well, it doesn't boost up a player in most of the scenarios, which happened against Bayern, where Messi lost his confidence and stopped playing after 35 minutes of the match when they were already trailing 4-1 against Bayern after Thomas Muller scored a brace before half time whistle. Barcelona looked helpless on the field and they had no clue what else is to be done. After a huge loss from the Catalans side, now Barcelona legend Lionel Messi wants to make a move and try new challenge from other club. If Lionel Messi leaves, then Barcelona won't be the same and they might go into crisis.

source: sport.es

Quique Setien experimented 7 formations to create an effective impact but didn't get a good results as per the statistics. He started with 3-5-2 formation, when it was not successful later he changed to 4-3-3 attacking style and went on to 4-4-2 formation. Antoine Griezmann is a center-forward player but had to sacrifice his position to Luis Suarez. Earlier when he joined Barcelona he said, all the Barca players can dribble past players but I am not like them and it is quite difficult to dribble from my side. Usually a left winger is a great dribbler, good in crossing and has a better vision to pass through balls to the striker. None of the skills matched Griezmann and had to sit on the bench in many big matches. In his former club Athletico Madrid, he was the main striker and contributed in many big matches, who also scored a bicycle against AS Roma 2 years back while playing on center-forward role.

Weak Defense Lineup

source: talkbarca

Barcelona went into dilemma after Bayern scored their 4th goal and was a huge defeat to the Catalans side after the full time. When the whole team went to attack in front after first half, there were only two defenders left to defend against the Bayern midfielders, wingers and striker Robert Lewandowski. Bayern Munich were attacking in front and on the same side they were falling back to defend. They're performance was quite different as compared to other matches and it felt like all of them were attacking, defending and holding the ball calmly.

This was not the only case where Barcelona faced defensive problems, Valencia scored a braced in La Liga during the last final minutes of the game, where Barcelona's whole team were trying to equalize the tally board. Only two defenders were on the defense line, the Valencia wingers took the opportunity and scored the second goal. Athletic Bilbao also defeated Barcelona and left the Catalans side in doubt to lift their league's trophy.

Lack of Attack in front:

After the separation of MSN trio, they could not find a potential replacement for Neymar and never won a single Champions League title since 2015. Ousmane Dembele was thought to be a potential replacement for Neymar but went out due to long term injury. Now either Griezmann or Ansu Fati has to play on the left wing.

Lionel Messi tries to give lob passes or through balls and created many play making chances. He also broke Xavi's record of most number of assists(20) in La Liga. After the appointment of Setien, none of the players look confident to score and didn't get a good impact on Setien's playing style of formation. Luis Suarez looks out of form providing less contribution in both Champions League and La Liga. Arturo Vidal tries to contribute the same to attack in front but he's unable to finish or strike. In the end, Lionel Messi has to find the gaps to create a play-making chance, to score free-kicks and to strike the ball into the nets to save Barcelona. This cannot be done all the time by a player and every player has to make an impact to win any match.

Should start taking crosses:

Jordi Alba is one of the best left back player in the football world. Who takes the ball and crosses it as many times it is possible. But Barcelona doesn't score much in headers and doesn't initiate passes from the crosses. As per the statistics Barcelona has only created 23% of the crosses in whole Champions League matches.

Average height of Barcelona's attacking players is hardly 5 ft 9 inches which is very less in compared to opposition's height and it makes them difficult to score header goals. Earlier Dani Alves was the right back player for Barcelona, who can defend, score goals and provide assists, which helped them in upfront positions. Now compared to Nelson Semedo who is a current Barcelona right back player was humiliated and outrun by the Alphonso Davies. Semedo was not at all impressive in both La Liga & Champions League and failed to make an impact to the club.


The board spent around 450 million Euros on three player, in which one is injured all the time, the other one is sent out on loan who scored twice in second half against Barcelona itself and who is also an integral part behind the humiliation. The third expensive player is just warming up outside the field. Well this cannot clearly state that whether it was a bad decision by the board or the players.

The controversial sales like Malcolm and Arthur's departure is in doubt that what exactly happened inside Barcelona. Many sources has also said that some manipulable decision made by Bartomeu and not trying to change the team’s path have been reasons for his Barcelona's failure.

A couple of days ago Quique Setien was fired and Abidal was going to be a fundamental piece for the reconstruction of Barcelona for the next season, a day later Eric is no longer part of the club and agrees to leave it. There is something very strange in this whole situation and it would probably be very unfair to blame Abidal without knowing what is really happening inside the Barcelona.

Potential Signings

Ronald Koeman has become the new manager of Barcelona. Left winger Pedri is being signed from Las Palmas for 5 million and right wing player Trincao from Sporting Braga for 31 million. Midfielder Miralem Pjanic is set to join Barcelona from Juventus next season.

Ronald Koeman is yet to sign more players for defense, maybe Matthijs De Ligt or Michael Keane as per the sources and will convince Messi to be the part of his project.

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